January 2021

Dear Eunice,

There’s something about the end of one year and the beginning of another to make me pause and reflect. The older I get those thoughts are often anchored in the distant past. The minutia floating around in my brain is amazing. …

Dear Eunice,

Doesn’t it seem as though Christmas comes sooner every year? Back in the day, Christmas came after Thanksgiving. Now it comes after Labor Day. There were Halloween things mixed with Christmas goodies in numerous stores around town this year. It’s all so rushed.

Anticipation is a good thing…

If we just had the virus to contend with, I think we would have been ok. We had never heard of COVID-19 on January 6th, the day my husband had quadruple bypass surgery. The biggest concern after surgery was infection, as his immune system was compromised due to two years…

Valerie Winans

Author of Alaska’s Savage River and Road Trip with Remington Beagle. Member of Author Masterminds and Readers and Writers Book Club.

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